Wednesday, June 20


The Vals Thermal Spa put Swiss architect Peter Zumthor on the map in 1996, and for good reason. When the town of Vals, a canton of Graub√ľnden, Switzerland, hired Peter Zumthor to design their thermal baths, he was an undiscovered talent. He soon achieved cult status (he won the Pritzker Prize in 2009) and the thermal baths became a mecca for architects around the world.

Thursday, May 24


Sundays have turned into mandatory baking days for me recently. I'm really into not-so-sweet cakes- they're great breakfast breads the next day! Here are my favorites...

Tuesday, May 8


Isabel Marant's French countryside cabin is thirty minutes outside Paris and relies on water pumped from the nearby spring. A perfect, simple getaway.

Tuesday, April 24


Made for Marni by Columbian ex-prisoners
for Salone Di Mobile furniture show

Wednesday, April 4


De Kas, a greenhouse turned restaurant, lies in the outskirts of Amsterdam in the heart of Frankendael Park and is, without a doubt, my favorite place in the world. The food (which is set and totally dependent on what the outlying ground have to offer) is amazing and the atmosphere is striking- you just feel special for being part of it.  I would make this a must on your next trip to Amsterdam.

Tuesday, March 20


Emily Barletta

Tuesday, March 13


1. simple rose gold jewelry
2. Mexican dress
3. printed (elastic waist) pants
4. stripes
5. Ishavara sandals

Saturday, February 25

Tuesday, February 21

Thursday, February 16


"The late Dennis Hopper's compound is for sale, and the asking price is $6.245 million for the sprawling property that encompasses 330, 334, and 326 Indiana Boulevard in Venice, California. The 15,500 square foot lot includes a Brian Murphy-designed main home (with corrugated metal exterior), three two-story condominiums designed by Frank Gehry, a pool, a pool house, a guest cottage, and a landscaped yard..."

Who's in? I'll happily take one of the Gehry two-story condominiums.

Wednesday, February 1