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After seeing Glasser play at CMJ the other week, I can't really stop listening.  It's seductive stuff.  The music is beat-heavy electro pop with really ethereal vocals. Moody, whirling, spell-binding, eclectic-- all of these things.  

Oh yeah, and Cameron Mesirow (Glasser) is an absolute siren.

On repeat: Apply. (Also be sure to listen to the Delorean and Tanlines Apply remixes!)

Tuesday, November 2


We've been losing entire afternoons to the New York Public Library's digital archive.  It's hard to come up for air once you're in the thick of it.  

We are particularly attached to Dr. H. J. Vinkhuijzen's  impressive collection of some 32,000 images of uniforms.  Dr V., a 19th century Dutch physician, traveled the world assembling scrapbooks of his own illustrations, book clippings, and other images of military costume  from the Bronze Age warriors, to Medieval court officials, to the various armies of 19th century Europe. We can certainly appreciate his fascination with regalia, its evolution, and its contrasts from country to country.  You're the best, Dr. V.

Dive in and see what you can dredge up. Below is a sampler of our favorites from around the globe in the late 19th century...



Mexico, again.




Monday, November 1


What We Talk About When We Talk About:
Letterpress Printing

We're extremely excited to share this wonderful company, Brown Parcel Press, founded and run by our two buddies McDavid Moore and Megan Boling. Both of these insanely talented artists have been mastering the art of letterpress since our days together in Athens, Georgia and have since moved their operation up to Brooklyn (while still keeping an auxiliary office down South).
The centuries old relief printing technique combined with their eye for quirky minimalist line drawings is the perfect combination.
Tactile, yet slick. Old worldly, yet modern.

Check out their website and give 'em call.
They're a ton of fun to work with! (see the #6 Wedding project...)