Tuesday, November 2


We've been losing entire afternoons to the New York Public Library's digital archive.  It's hard to come up for air once you're in the thick of it.  

We are particularly attached to Dr. H. J. Vinkhuijzen's  impressive collection of some 32,000 images of uniforms.  Dr V., a 19th century Dutch physician, traveled the world assembling scrapbooks of his own illustrations, book clippings, and other images of military costume  from the Bronze Age warriors, to Medieval court officials, to the various armies of 19th century Europe. We can certainly appreciate his fascination with regalia, its evolution, and its contrasts from country to country.  You're the best, Dr. V.

Dive in and see what you can dredge up. Below is a sampler of our favorites from around the globe in the late 19th century...



Mexico, again.




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