Monday, September 27


A nice calendar is surprisingly hard to find, don't you think?
We're covered in terms of desk calendars/ schedulers (Moleskine page-a-day), but wall calendars, in our opinion, need to fall somewhere in the realm of functional design. Obviously, it needs to work, but it should also be something that you enjoy. We take our yearly wall calendar purchases as seriously as buying a pice of art... that is what it becomes after all.

The top calendar (the Stendig) was our staple for 2 years. 
Simple. Easy. Perfect.

But we're switching it up for 2011 with the amazing hand-printed Dolphin Studio calendar made by the French family in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
The others are just nice and I swear I had the idea of the human calendar years ago- it's written somewhere in my sketchbook. I need to dig it up...

Sunday, September 26



Chocolate-covered goodness dipped in fool's gold, from Brooklyn.

We like beginning our Saturday with their LP4 album. 

Song on repeat: Drugs

Thursday, September 23


We discovered the Canadian art collective N.E. Thing Co. in an old Art in America magazine from 1969 that we picked up at the Brooklyn Flea. We were immediately enamored with their investigations of  everyday life.

Their exploration of banalities is far from banal. The humor is dry and the design impeccable. There's a certain playfulness in their themes, though it's veiled by the use of N.E. Thing Co's clinical, grid-paper documents.

One of our favorites is Territorial Claim-- Urination (1969); sequential photographs of a man marking his territory in the Canadian wilderness, presented on their important "business" papers  entitled Information.

We like their whole concept.
Their photography is pretty great, too.

Territorial Claim-- Urination (1969)

Portfolio of Piles (1968):

"By making life more interesting for others, we may indirectly help to alleviate the human condition. We up your aesthetic quality of life, we up your creativity. We celebrate the ordinary."
N.E. Thing Company

Friday, September 17


We love the idea of picking up the good china and linens and heading outside!

Monday, September 13


Part of the collection line 22, these Maison Martin Margiela boots are a reproduction of a pair of 1970s campus boots found in Albuquerque.

These attest to the brilliance of keeping things simple. Perfect the details and focus on the materials. There are reasons why campus boots keep resurfacing--namely, their no-nonsense shape, sculpted and subtly-curved wood heel, and durable Bovine leather.

Sunday, September 5


Waylon Jennings

I'm a seasonal fan of country music. Come July, it's all Cash, Williams, and Jennings. There's something so dangerously good about lounging in front of a fan in dirty denim cut-offs with an afternoon beer and listening to old country music.

Waylon Jennings ran around with a cool crowd. He seemed fun. Plus, he wore leather and denim well (just as the leader of outlaw country should).

His baritone, rough honky-tonk has been a great drinking companion for swampy August afternoons. Recently on repeat:

Cedartown, Georgia

Mental Revenge

Just to Justify You

Friday, September 3


So we have this "game" we play where we have to come up with something totally extravagant to incorporate into our daily lives if money were no object. Mine is easy. I would have fresh flowers in my house ALWAYS. And not just one arrangement on the table....everywhere. And there's no question about it, I would give Saipua in Red Hook the honor.
Check out their website and blog!
(While Charlotte's answer is equally as luxurious, it doesn't fit into a blog post as easily...maybe one day)

Wednesday, September 1


Listening to this would be beautiful.