Thursday, September 23


We discovered the Canadian art collective N.E. Thing Co. in an old Art in America magazine from 1969 that we picked up at the Brooklyn Flea. We were immediately enamored with their investigations of  everyday life.

Their exploration of banalities is far from banal. The humor is dry and the design impeccable. There's a certain playfulness in their themes, though it's veiled by the use of N.E. Thing Co's clinical, grid-paper documents.

One of our favorites is Territorial Claim-- Urination (1969); sequential photographs of a man marking his territory in the Canadian wilderness, presented on their important "business" papers  entitled Information.

We like their whole concept.
Their photography is pretty great, too.

Territorial Claim-- Urination (1969)

Portfolio of Piles (1968):

"By making life more interesting for others, we may indirectly help to alleviate the human condition. We up your aesthetic quality of life, we up your creativity. We celebrate the ordinary."
N.E. Thing Company

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