Thursday, December 23


The oxfords I made in Budapest for Heidi....

...And the tools I used to make them. 

I labored over these shoes for 10 days during my apprenticeship at the Koronya workshop in Budapest last month.  I created a classic oxford pattern, cut from high-quality, matted leather and on soles that I painstakingly carved from durable cow-neck, using tools #1 and #6.  I'm thrilled, and admittedly surprised, that all 10 fingers are still attached and working.  

More news on shoes and Budapest adventures to come!

Wednesday, December 22


Nice black and white photos. As simple as that.
(Sorry- I don't know any credits. I've had them stashed away forever)

Monday, December 6


After being a distant admirer for five plus years, I finally made it. Even in the winter, it's an amazing place to be.

Thursday, December 2


Our subscription to Garden&Gun is the most reliably satisfying in the over-the-top mound of magazines we receive every month. We think it's because of the way they seamlessly bring together tradition + cutting edge, the deep south + NYC, bbq pits + oyster bars, and of course their appreciation for all things artisanal.

Regardless of whether or not you have southern roots, we think you'll like it!