Thursday, June 30


I love chairs.
Anybody that's been to our apartment knows this. Somehow I've managed to (cohesively?) incorporate about seven different styles of chairs into 700 square feet. I see it as a fairly easy way to indulge in high design without committing to a giant armoire or something like that.
Here are some of my favorites.

Most of them are still on my wishlist...

Wednesday, June 22


I bought the first set of Fort Standard's balancing blocks for my nephew's first birthday present. Less than a week later I had my own.
It's on display in a very prominent spot in the apartment and has become somewhat of a conversation piece. It's funny how competitive our household has gotten over who can build the tallest/prettiest/best (yep, best)structure.
Check out their website for other beautiful pieces. I'm coveting the "terra" at the moment...

Wednesday, June 1


London-based label YMC (You Must Create) has become an absolute favorite. Their statement is perfect:

"YMC are not led or influenced by seasonal trends but try to provide the solution for intelligent clothing that is both wearable and distinctive. Collections gradually develop from season to season whilst a modernist approach ensures good ideas maintain longevity".