Friday, September 3


So we have this "game" we play where we have to come up with something totally extravagant to incorporate into our daily lives if money were no object. Mine is easy. I would have fresh flowers in my house ALWAYS. And not just one arrangement on the table....everywhere. And there's no question about it, I would give Saipua in Red Hook the honor.
Check out their website and blog!
(While Charlotte's answer is equally as luxurious, it doesn't fit into a blog post as easily...maybe one day)


cstabler said...

Inspired by your post, I've spent the last few days ruminating on what extravagance I would incorporate into my life if money were no object.

Travel came up first. But that indulgence seems too vague and open ended. If there really was no limit - would I have a private jet? Or travel in style? And is this a daily possibility.

So I've decided that my chosen extravagance would be to acquire skills. Whatever I was interested in, I would pay for a tutor or be able to travel and meet the expert in said subject.

Of course, when I when I win the lottery or mysteriously come into substantial wealth, I'll sponsor your flower habit too.


Charlotte + Heidi said...

Thanks, Camille!
Your choices are far more mature than mine!!
You've been doing selfless work for far too long now... you need to get back to our over-indulgent, consumer-driven lives in NYC. Bring on the flowers!!

ariana k. macpherson said...

Hey ladies,

I already told Heidi how much I love these flowers... Also wanted to share with you some beautiful shots that my friend Kimia but up on her blog a few days ago...

As Heidi & Charlotte said, bring on the flowers!

marge said...

i must know what charlotte's extravagance of choice is...mine naturally would be the most illustrious collection of spoons conceivable