Monday, September 27


A nice calendar is surprisingly hard to find, don't you think?
We're covered in terms of desk calendars/ schedulers (Moleskine page-a-day), but wall calendars, in our opinion, need to fall somewhere in the realm of functional design. Obviously, it needs to work, but it should also be something that you enjoy. We take our yearly wall calendar purchases as seriously as buying a pice of art... that is what it becomes after all.

The top calendar (the Stendig) was our staple for 2 years. 
Simple. Easy. Perfect.

But we're switching it up for 2011 with the amazing hand-printed Dolphin Studio calendar made by the French family in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
The others are just nice and I swear I had the idea of the human calendar years ago- it's written somewhere in my sketchbook. I need to dig it up...

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