Monday, March 29


A couple weeks ago we were in Greensboro and were lucky enough to attend the opening/ artist's lecture at the Weatherspoon Art Museum for Existed: Leonardo Drew. It's always nice to hear the voice behind the work. What was also nice, we think, is that he wasn't there to divulge all of his deepest, darkest secrets or dwell on his less-than privileged upbringing- he was all about 'looking ahead'. In fact, he was funny about the whole idea of doing a retrospective. On the whole, he didn't care much about his old works, he had no idea where most of them were but he knew what he had personally learned from making them, and that was good enough for him. It was refreshing. This attitude is also reflected in the method of naming his works chronologically by their date of completion- #1,#2,'s simply a record, the viewer should make/take from it what they want. I mean, it's not hard to see a number of pronounced themes in his work, but in Leonardo's opinion that is for you to find, not for him to tell you.





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