Monday, August 16


Triangle Backpack by Yuketen
Natural canvas backpacks from this beloved American brand.
They make killer hand-constructed shoes, too.

Heavy waxed canvas with a coated canvas base.
Perfect colors.

Old No. 7 Pack by American outdoors brand Frost River
Waxed cotton canoe camper backpack made in Duluth, Minnesota.
The leather waist belt (not pictured) is the best part.

Dayhiker Backpack by J.W. Hulme
This beauty is part of an American heritage line from recently-revived brand J.W. Hulme. Individually hand-buffed, full-grain leather tanned in the USA.

Patent Leather Rucksack by French & English Confectioner's
Hand-made in London. This has a delightful elementary-school charm... imagine it with saddle shoes and lace-trimmed socks.

Backpack by Timo Weiland
Discovered these little treats at the (capsule) tradeshow in New York last month. It's the refined, but unexpected details--like the pony hair flaps--that set these pups apart from the rest of the litter.

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