Friday, March 5


These are photographs by Josef Heinrich Darchinger, a photojournalist who documented the cultural restoration and "economic miracle" in West Germany in the 1950's and 60's.
We want to dress like the boy on the far right. Oily, ├╝ber-short lederhosen with two front zippers, floral button-up shirt, ankle socks with quality leather boots. And a super-cool pose to boot.

Purportedly, the greasier the leather shorts, the more prestige. No boy in twill shorts would be the gang's leader. These kids are tough--their childhood playgrounds were mountains of rubble and war debris.

Had to include this guy. On the cusp of the economic boom in post-war West Germany, he sets up this grocery shop in in his garage with home-made shelves, hand-painted sign (translates as "Those who take my goods once, come again as loyal customers"),local produce, and an impeccable display!

*photos by Darchinger, Bonn, 1955

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