Saturday, May 22


David Lynch. The Straight Story

Dennis Hopper. Easy Rider.

Ridley Scott. Thelma & Louise.

Wim Wenders. Paris, Texas.

Jean-Luc Godard. Pierrot Le Fou.

Wim Wenders. Paris, Texas.

Norman Rockwell.Coming, Going.

Wes Anderson. The Darjeeling Limited.

Jim Jarmusch. Stranger Than Paradise.

It's the season of the road trip.

We especially love the misadventures of the classic, dirty American road trip. The aimless tour of greyhound bus stops, red-neck gas stations, and cheap motels. Two-dollar dinners, rolled-down windows, blow pops, and garbled radio.

For our next road trip, we want to be re-reading Denis Johnson's Angels and listening to Kurt Vile's Freeway on repeat.


Stephen said...

"Make it three yards motherfucker and we'll have ourselves an automobile race."

charlotte said...

oooh yeah, i forgot about two-lane blacktop. james taylor is great in this. really beautiful film. maybe we'll find a picture to post.