Thursday, May 27


Horsehair ("Rosshaar") mattresses handmade in Berlin.

The designer and craftsman, Daniel Heer, learned the trade from his great-grandfather's saddle and mattress factory in his hometown Lucerne, Switzerland.

Early advert from the Heer Family horsehair mattress company in Lucerne. Straightforward and earnest, just like the product.

The factory. 
We are enamored with the idea of living on idyllic Lake Lucerne , laboring over leather saddles and sculpting mattresses with horsehair, sailing and trekking through Alpine towns on weekends. With an Eichhof beer in hand. So perfect.

Heer takes one full day to stuff each mattress, carefully, to achieve perfect form. Like many traditional, hands-on trades, it's wonderfully meditative work.

Heer mattresses have at least 33 pounds of it. Evidently, these "rosshaar" mattresses provide incredible spinal support, naturally regulate body temperature, are glue and toxin-free, and will last you 100 years. 

Studio in Kreutzberg, Berlin.

Heer also has a popular line of leather bags, following the same principle of simple, well-crafted products using superior raw materials.

Photos from Sight Unseen, who wrote a fantastic article on Daniel Heer's mattresses.

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Stephen said...

It's so attractive in the third picture. Classy. And that's about the most perfect looking studio I've seen.... the white and the windows!

You guys should start a magazine! :)