Thursday, March 11


What we talk about when we talk about
John Lurie

So we're on a John Lurie kick. Ever since trotting over to Chelsea's Fredericks & Freiser gallery last November to see Lurie's art exhibition, we've revisited his Jim Jarmusch films and his TV show Fishing with John-- and reveling in his downtown-cool persona and dashing good looks.

Lurie's artwork is perfect. Some pieces resemble quirky Dadaist drawings, others follow bizaare Surrealist compositions, and others take after Basquiat sketches--but all are marked with his sardonic humor and smirky titles.

His painting entitled Davy Crockett Has Lost His Fucking Mind.

Another one. Bird Has Absolutely No Face.

A still from Jarmusch's film Down By Law with Tom Waits and Robert Benigni. Of note: Waits's gold-toe pirate boot that he wears is our next shoe-making project.

John Lurie is perhaps at his best in this episode of Fishing with John, where he hosts Tom Waits on a fishing trip in the Caribbean. Expect an ample serving of Lurie's biting wit, Waits's incomprehensible growls, and male camaraderie complete with poker, booze, and of course fishing. Other episodes from this short-lived series from the 90's include Lurie sharking with Jim Jarmusch and ice fishing with Willem Dafoe. Yay!


Stephen said...

There is, on the Criterion Down by Law I think, an interview with him from back when the film was released, and then there is an option to hear his own commentary on himself twenty years or whatever later..... quite humorous. He was pretty coked up.

dylan said...

What? No Lounge Lizards shout out? John Lurie is a killer sax player.